This website accompanies the AHRC funded project “Innovating Infographics”, a collaborative research project between Dr Catherine Stones at the University of Leeds (c.m.stones@leeds.ac.uk) and Dr Mike Gent (Mike.Gent@phe.gov.uk) at Public Health England, Yorkshire and Humber Centre. This website is updated with project news on a regular basis – sharing literature review and primary findings. It is also updated with the latest academic and industry-led work on the intersection between infographics, health and public health.

The contents of this website do not represent the views of Public Health England or the AHRC.

Who is this website for? It’s for anyone interested in improving the way we communicate to patients, the public and decision makers about health issues. How do we make visualisations more engaging and understandable? How can we make academic research more accessible to practitioners and everybody who has an interest in it?

If you’d like to contact us or you’d like us to feature your designs/research findings on this site please email Dr Catherine Stones at c.m.stones@leeds.ac.uk.

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